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Yt2meta.com is one of best Facebook Video Downloader to download videos from Facebook to your computer or mobile device. It would be useful if you want to save a video and photo to watch later, share it through other platforms, or keep it as part of your personal collection. This tool usually works by extracting the video URL from Facebook and then fetching the video file for you. this website is especially useful when you want to watch Facebook videos without any internet connection.

Our website proves particularly advantageous when users wish to enjoy Facebook videos offline or distribute them across various platforms. With a range of features tailored for user convenience.

The key Features

Instagram Video Downloader: Allows you to the download of Instagram videos in HD quality. Full HD, 2K, 1080p 8K and audio.

Most Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using yt2meta.com for downloading Facebook videos?

yt2meta.com is the most popular Facebook video downloader. It allows users the downloading of Facebook videos that are high quality: FUll HD, 1080p 2K, and 4K. Let you download mp3s from Facebook at no cost, without having to sign up for an account or installing any software to support.

How do I download videos from Facebook?

  • Step 1. Cut and copy the Facebook URL you wish to download in the search box of FDownloader.net
  • Step 2: Choose which type of format (MP4 or MP3) and the resolution you’d like, then click “Download” button.
  • Step 3: Allow a few seconds for the software to complete the process and save it on your device.

Does Yt2meta support downloading private Facebook video?

In order to view Facebook videos, you’ll need sign in first for access to videos on Facebook that are private. Yt2meta allows downloading private Facebook videos swiftly without the hassle of procedures like the other programs. FDownloader.net is the most reliable private video downloader for Facebook.

How can I download streaming video?

It isn’t possible to download live Facebook videos until the livestream is over. When the livestream is over you can copy the Facebook URL of the video and then follow the directions previously.

How do I download Facebook videos for Android and iPhone?

The Facebook video downloader runs in internet browsers. It works on all devices including tablets, PCs and smartphones (iOS, Android) without the need for installing software.

Where can Facebook videos when they download to your device?

Please check for the “Downloads” folder in your telephone or your “download history” section of your internet browser.

How to use?

Copy shareable video URL

Paste it into the field above

Click to download button

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